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Parent Involvement

Kidstown has an open door policy with regard to visitation and/or participation. We encourage any and all participation. Parents are permitted to visit the center any time when their child is in attendance. Please be sure to notify the administrator upon entering the premises.


Kidstown wishes to work in cooperation with you to provide the best care possible. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to the administrator immediately, so that we can resolve and potential or actual problems or concerns. Conferences with your child’s teacher will be held annually with written documentation to be placed in your child’s file. If a parent/teacher conference at the center is not practical a telephone conversation will be permitted and documented. Brief daily exchanges with your child’s teacher are encouraged so that you are keeping aware of their progress, behavior, and demeanor. However, parents are asked not to take too much of the teachers time away from the children, so that proper attention and supervision can be maintained. They are our first priority. If a lengthy conversation is needed, a time can be arranged.