Cleanliness Tips With Small Children

Whether it’s daycare, preschool or any of our other child care services, we try to align our missions at KidsTown. Our educators are trained to maintain our driving principles and implement parental involvement, as a way of keeping education going even when your child isn’t personally with us. For young children, cleanliness is a big sticking point. Keeping things clean with youngsters around can
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Tactics for Keeping Children Focused

Anyone with preschool-age children will tell you that one of the toughest day-to-day tasks is keeping them engaged and interested in the topics at hand. Everything from brushing teeth in the morning to getting to bed at night can be a hassle at times, with young brains flying around from subject to subject without warning. One of the areas where this is most noticeable
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How Parental Involvement Aides Early Learning

Parents are by far the most vital figure in a child’s life, and this remains the case even for people who employ a child care service during younger years. At Kidstown, our open-door parental involvement policy is a pillar of our program – we want parents to be as active and involved in their kids’ care and education as possible, and we want to
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