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How Parental Involvement Aides Early Learning

Parents are by far the most vital figure in a child’s life, and this remains the case even for people who employ a child care service during younger years. At Kidstown, our open-door parental involvement policy is a pillar of our program – we want parents to be as active and involved in their kids’ care and education as possible, and we want to work in cooperation with you to offer the best possible care to your child.

Whether it’s day care, preschool or any other form of basic child care, here are a few of the ways parental involvement can benefit children.

Learning Environment

Parental involvement in learning and child development extends from the home to the classroom, and in both cases helps institute a positive culture based around them. Learning habits are ingrained deeply in them long before other bad habits can be learned, and continuous parental guidance helps foster these.

Children with parents involved in their learning tend to achieve more, score higher in class and show more self-esteem and confidence later in life. Their attitudes toward school typically differ more and more as they get older – they’ve been conditioned to view it differently.

Sets Expectations

A big part of this is the way early parental involvement helps set baseline expectations. Kids don’t learn to separate school and home life, where they might be able to get away with more or less and might have different requirements on their time and brain power. Instead, they come to view both primary locations as interconnected, and can carry principles between the two.

This is huge for the child development process. Parents and teachers can work together to standardize everything from lesson plans to basic learning approaches, removing overlap and double standards often set by two separate environments. Kids will know what’s expected of them no matter where they are, and can develop better habits.

Benefits for Parents

Your children aren’t the only ones who can see major positives from you becoming more involved in their early child care and education – you can as well. Some of the key benefits for parents:

  • More interaction and conversation with children leads to more sensitivity to their needs
  • More confidence in parenting and decision-making
  • Better understanding of school programs allows parents to be more helpful at home
  • Closer connection with teachers and other educators
  • Generally leads to more affection and less negative reinforcement (punishment)

Benefits for Educators

In addition, the schools themselves and the educators serving your children will greatly appreciate your involvement. Teachers and principals can experience higher morale when they feel like they have parental support, and the process also better helps them understand individual families and their needs. Better relationships between educators and parents can only help strengthen the consistency in approach for your children.

Parental involvement is a huge part of our program at Kidstown. If you want to know more, our friendly staff is standing by.


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