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Cleanliness Tips With Small Children

Whether it’s daycare, preschool or any of our other child care services, we try to align our missions at KidsTown. Our educators are trained to maintain our driving principles and implement parental involvement, as a way of keeping education going even when your child isn’t personally with us.

For young children, cleanliness is a big sticking point. Keeping things clean with youngsters around can be tough, and doing so while attempting to teach them a thing or two about cleaning up for themselves is an additional challenge. Let’s look at some of the simplest ways to keep the house clean with small children, plus ways to pass some of this knowledge on to them during the process.

Get Up Early

It’s never easy since most children get up early themselves, but beating them to it by a little bit can set a baseline for your day. It allows you to eat, shower or do any other tasks you need some personal space for, and lets you do any cleaning that may have been left over from the previous night.

Develop a Routine

Down similar lines, beginning a general cleaning routine – and involving your child in it – is important. If kids come to know certain cleaning habits as natural parts of their day, they’ll be much easier to get on the right track. They’ll take their cues from expected behaviors, rather than a loosey-goosey style.

Stay Flexible

Even within your routine, however, you need to stay flexible. Remember that unexpected things are going to happen when kids are involved, and you may have to pick your battles to some degree. Whenever possible, if you’re choosing to discipline your child, make sure it’s for an issue where you can teach a long term lesson.

Keep Them Involved

As we mentioned, keeping kids personally engaged in the process is the best way to give them ownership and make it more than a chore. If they’re old enough to have toys, they’re probably old enough to learn how and where to put them away. Make rules about cleaning up before new activities can get started. If possible, turn certain chores or clean-up activities into fun games they can get engaged with.

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